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The Ujima People's Progress Party (UPP) Organizing Committee is a genuine grassroots, community effort to build the first Black workers-led electoral party for social and economic justice in Maryland.

We are not financed by big business, establishment politicians, or wealthy individuals. This is a movement to build a people's party that will end business as usual and instead build for real progress and change for working and poor people.

More importantly, the UPP isn't just an election-day party. We are building connections statewide to be a 365 days a year movement. We call on independent minded activists, organizers, educators, students, workers and unemployed members of the community to join us in building a people's party that will do the day-to-day type work in our communities that politicians and local government don't do!

Fannie Lou Hamer Political Education Class
Call for weekly class schedule and locations

Get the latest updates and find us on facebook.com/UPPMaryland.

We can be reached by phone at 443-826-9654 or email at uppmaryland@gmail.com